Representation on the Labor-Management Committee
As a contractor affiliated with OPCMIA Local 797, you’ll receive representation on the Labor-Management Cooperative Committee. Contractors and the union work together to determine the best ways to build market share advance the union contractors movement, and reconcile any differences that may occur.

Representation on Negotiating Committee
All contractors affiliated with OPCMIA Local 797 are represented by a team of negotiators selected by all member contractors. Whether you employ 2 or 200 employees, you will have a voice in all contract negotiations.

Coordinated Marketing & Advertising Strategies
As a union contractor, you will be represented. You're a partner in a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign to show the benefits of hiring union workers. Recent strategies have included the establishment of this Website; regular advertising in business and trade publications; appearances at trade shows and career day presentations; home improvement shows; and television ads. We also participate in numerous charitable community projects throughout the year, providing services and materials to help our neighbors and promote our members.

Access to Trained Manpower
As we say in our award-winning marketing brochure, we provide Experience, Expertise, and the most qualified workers available. Just call the union office and tell them what you need. You'll also have the right of refusal, if for any reason you'd prefer to work with specific individuals. You can also call on the business office to book members who are available for out-of-town projects. 

To make sure that the supply of trained, qualified workers is constant, OPCMIA Local 797 local contractors and members sponsor a certified Apprenticeship School. The school offers a 4 year program in both Plastering and all of its varieties and Cement finishing including stamping, terrazzo, and more. As a union contractor, you’ll be represented by contractor representatives on the Training Committee.

Connection to National Organizations
Many contractors that are signatory with OPCMIA Local 797 choose to be affiliated with associations such as Associated General Contractors, Nevada Contractors Association, Painting and Decorating Contractors Association, United Builders and Contractors Association, Western Walls and Ceilings Contractors Association, and the Southern Nevada Building and Construction Trades Council. Thanks to these organizations, you'll have the political representation you need to make sure that your interests are protected with regulatory agencies. You'll also be able to take advantage of numerous membership benefits, including regular meetings and industry-wide representation. You'll also work closely with the representatives of OPCMIA Local 797 to make sure that the personnel you need are available when you need them, and to draw on their network of other union offices to check out out-of-town projects.

No Fees
Un-like joining some organizations, becoming a union contractor does not require any fee or other payment to the union. There are no "initiation" fees, performance bonds or cash bonds required. Your sole obligation is to agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the Master Labor Agreement (MLA) negotiated with OPCMIA Local 797.

Pension & Benefits Administration
Tracking pension, benefits and insurance payments is simple because the OPCMIA Local 797 office utilizes a plan administrator that handles all of our Pension and Benefits. Your responsibility is limited to filling out the normal payroll report, and one check covers all of the benefits programs.

Continuing Professional Education
As the construction industry changes to meet the needs of the marketplace, it's essential that both contractors and union members learn new techniques and technology. Ongoing professional education and training classes are provided to keep you current with what you'll need to know about code changes, new regulations and other essential information. You'll also be invited to learn about new technologies.

When you join with OPCMIA 797 you are joining with a tradition that has been performing Concrete and Plastering work in Nevada since 1905. Now that’s worth bragging about.

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